ACE represents the interests of Florida’s adult and community educators in the Legislature, the Department of Education and other state agencies.  ACE monitors legislation, rules and regulations, and encourages those which are beneficial to adult, literacy, technical, community and workforce education.

I implore each of you to help advocate for our students and our programs.  It is a MUST that we get the message out and get it out quickly.  Policy makers, legislators and educational leaders are now making changes fast.  If they do not know what we do, or how we help our students  become productive citizens, our programs will not survive.

We need you involved.  It will take the entire adult education community, including ACE of Florida, the practitioners, as well as the students and business partners, to make a difference this year.  Can we count on you to do your part?

If you think you don’t have time for action and advocacy this coming year, just think… if we do nothing, what will our future and that of our student be next year?

Get involved and explore our Advocacy resources.

Valorie Boyd

Executive Director

ACE of Florida, Inc.


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