During the Legislative Session and throughout the year, critical issues are addressed and decisions are made that affect adult and community education throughout the state.  The bills listed below are being followed by ACE of Florida because they can have an impact on adult education.  You may click on the bill number to read more information about the bill and see the progress it’s making through the House and Senate, if any.  All information on this page is updated every 30 minutes giving you the most up-to-date activity on each bill.

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Bill Title Sponsor Actions
SB 114 High School Graduation Requirements/Dorothy L. Hukill Financial Literacy Act Hutson 2/20/2019
HB 185 High School Equivalency Diploma Program Valdes 1/16/2019
HB 189 Postsecondary Education for Secondary Students Zika 3/22/2019
SB 190 Education Stargel 3/20/2019
HB 225 Education Beltran 3/26/2019
SB 226 Mastery-based Education Brandes 3/14/2019
SB 244 High School Academic Advisors Hutson 1/22/2019
SB 292 Education Lee 3/20/2019
SB 312 Alternative High School Graduation Requirements Montford 1/25/2019
HB 381 School District Career Centers Robinson 1/30/2019
SB 506 High School Equivalency Diploma Program Rouson 2/8/2019
SB 522 Apprenticeship Programs Diaz 3/12/2019
HB 543 Preapprenticeship and Apprenticeship Programs Webb 1/24/2019
HB 661 Alternative High School Graduation Requirements Duggan 2/13/2019
SB 770 Education Hutson 3/25/2019
HB 3071 Nassau County School District – Workforce/Apprenticeship Expansion Yarborough 2/20/2019
SB 7030 School Safety and Security Education 3/26/2019
HB 7055 Education PreK-12 Innovation Subcommittee 3/27/2019
SB 7070 K-12 Education Education 3/21/2019
HB 7075 School Choice Education Committee 3/27/2019