Thank you for your interest in becoming an ACE member!  Your membership is important to us and to your colleagues as we all work together to support the adult and community education industry.  We believe in strength in numbers and have a host of benefits set to allow you to continue to reap the benefits of your organization.

There are different options for membership.

Professional Membership is $50 a year for a full-time educator.   

Associate Membership is $25 a year for a part-time educator.

Student Membership is $5 a year for adult education students.

Retiree Membership is $20 a year for retired adult educators. 

Educational Institution/Business Subscriptions are $500 a year and can be one of the following:

  • An Educational Institution Subscription includes one (1) professional membership and four (4) associate memberships OR includes three (3) professional memberships.
  • A Business Subscription includes two (2) professional memberships.

*ACE of Florida is offering a new way to become a member.  The new School District/County Membership option provides districts the opportunity to pay one price and make all of their adult education personnel an ACE member.  Included would be all full-time and part-time adult education personnel in the district as well as all full-time and part-time adult education support staff.  The cost of membership is based on UWFTE.*

To join or renew your ACE membership, click the button below:

Online ACE Membership Portal

If you prefer to download the membership application and mail it to the ACE office, click the button below:

ACE Membership Application (PDF)

To join as an Educational Institution or Business, you must print out the ACE Membership form, fill out the Educational Institution/Business Subscription section and fax back to the ACE office at (850) 222-0133.  Please be sure to identify the Professional and Associate memberships for the subscription.  These subscriptions cannot be completed online.

Please contact the ACE office, (850) 222-2233, with any questions you may have regarding becoming a member of ACE.